Angel's Egg Bad News!

The epic tale of DVD non-release:

No Angel's Egg from Anchor Bay after all :-(

September 2002 - All the waiting was in vain...
Brian Ruh of furnished me with the bad news that the long-awaited Anchor Bay DVD of Angel's Egg is no longer going to be released. Here's the short and to the point message he recieved from AB:
Unfortunately we are unable to release ANGEL'S EGG at this time. The rights are not available to us.
Bleagh. To look on the bright side, maybe this means that the rights are owned by someone else who may release it? Hmm...

No news is bad news for Angel's Egg DVD:

No Angel's Egg in 2002 (2001-10-25 11:04:00)
An ANS contributor has spoken to Anchor Bay about the abscence of Angel's Egg from the 2002 release list. According to Anchor Bay, "We dont have a scheduled date yet, but we are still hoping to release Angel's Egg in the next couple of years." Anchor Bay aquired the rights to Mamoru Oshii's Angel's Egg in March 2000 and originally reported that it would be released on DVD sometime the same year, however the film has been in a state of Limbo since then.
- Anime News Service

More word from Anchor Bay here.

Old news:

On 3-14-00, Anime News Service reported:

U.S. Nausicaa & Angel's Egg DVD's

Anime Nation reports that Anchor Bay Entertainment has confirmed that they own the U.S. DVD distribution rights to Mamoru Oshii's Angel's Egg and Hayao Miyazaki's Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind Movies. The version of Nausicaa to be released by Anchor Bay will be the original Japanese 116 minute long version. Both titles are currently scheduled for release in December, no details have been released on possible extras.

These DVDs were certainly not released in December 2000, and there's still no sign, but hope springs eternal! (Or does it....?)

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