MadHouse Productions Present

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"A New Era in Cinema"

On the 25th of January 1998, three films were completed which were to shake the world of cinema to its very foundations. Avaliable exclusively here for your downloading pleasure are Flim, Skelington and Toast: The Movie. All three films are presented in stunning Quicktime Compressovision. Top dentists recommend them.

Please view these films (simply click on the titles and wait!), and let us know what you think. If you don't like them, we don't care, because we do. For more of an insight into this revolution in moving pictures, you can read about the making of all three films.

These films have been given an S certificate by the MadHouse Institute of Psychocinematic Research; Suitable for surrealists of all shapes and sizes.

(774k, 15.28 Seconds)

"After seeing this film, I was able to communicate telepathically with bees." - Kevin Seward

A deeply moving tale of love, plasticine and french head-bread to rival such all-time jear-terking classics such as Casablanka and Transformers the Movie

Toast: The Movie
(803k, 9.10 Seconds)

Toast: The Movie is a cutting satire of the modern catering industry and the wider world of heated up bread products, as well as an almost Eisensteinein study of the toasting process.

(1.5 mb, 39.03 Seconds)

"The best two inch wide film I have ever seen!!" - Tony Mines
Skelington is the ultimate in surrealist horror; with it's stunning special effects, thrilling chase scenes and ultra-disturbing soundtrack it will strike fear into the hearts of all but the most stupid of idiots.
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Disclaimer: 'MadHouse Productions' is a made up name and should not be confused with any real company, organiation or insane residence.
These Films are copyright Tim Drage and Tony Mines 1998. If you want to use them on a website or anything else, please email for permission.
If you are in a position to give us money to make films (ha! PHat chance!), please get in touch! Imagine the silliness we could create with a budget! (even a few quid!)

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