Fonts By Chi!

Here for your downloading pleasure are some fonts!!! More will no doubt appear if and when my friends and I create them, but for now there are two very fine faces, created by my Chi Mason! Here they are!

These fonts are Copyright Chi Mason 1998. You may make free use of them and give people copies, but do not distribute them in any modified form or without the accompanying readme file. Do not sell these fonts or distribute them on CD-ROM without Chi's permission.
If you have any questions, comments, useful feedback, job offers, free money, meaning of life, etc., please email me and I'll pass the message on to Chi!


Joshi is the name of the designer of this face.
He's my little brother and is five years old.
I had an inspiration over Easter vacation (1998); "...What better way is there to make a genuine child's font than asking a very young person to create it?!"
Included in the font are punctuation, hyphen, U&lc, numerals and ampersand ...also ligatures (what compelled me to include these!?).
Joshi drew it for me one morning upon 3 A4 sheets with a blotchy black marker.
He attends primary school and loves to draw/dress up as ninja, batman, power rangers and other super heroes. In his spare time (...well, all the time) he likes to act the fool.
A quality young person, this face is dedicated to him.


Download Joshi for Mac or Windoze:

Shapely English
Shapely English

Shapely English manifested from a file I found on the desktop of a Mac in Hereford art college where I studied an ND in Graphic Design.
Although I had used the typesetting machine, I cannot take credit for the creation of the file: I think it was scanned by a geezer called Tom Savoury who was also on my course. I loved the distorted result of the wood type on the paper.
Fortunately, the image contained all the UPPER and lowercase and also the numerals, though there was a distinct lack of an uppercase 'J', so I had to make one from the lowercase 'g'! The rest of the characters I created from existing ones, and the punctuation from smudges in the image.
It was the first time I'd used Fontographer, and I was a little lost at times but it was great fun! I initially used an advanced autotrace, and spent the following week and a half cleaning up all the excess points! This took painstaking hours, but fortunately this kind of activity teaches a lot about the software etc. I had a problem with the kerning, which clearly isn't needed, and a couple of councils with Anglos Bakos lead to the completion of three fonts in all, designed in-between ShapelyEnglish; These were shinichi seki, the name of the designer who created this font (named "Typos 411") back in '70; and Joshi, the name of my brother who I asked to draw a font for me.
Shapely isn't as nice and hideous as at the beginning cos I've had to clean it for successful professional use... but it is, in my reservedly non-conceited opinion, the best distressed font I've seen. But I cannot take all the credit.


Download Shapely English for Mac or Windoze:
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