Mamoru Oshii's
Angel's Egg

Tenshi No Tamago

And its abuse at the hands of one Carl Colpaert as part of In the Aftermath

Angel's Egg - Tenshi No Tamago - surreal anime film by Mamoru Oshii

These unofficial fan pages are devoted to Mamoru Oshii's surreal anime masterpiece Angel's Egg (Japanese title Tenshi No Tamago). The site contains info, links, images and comment on the film and also on In the Aftermath, a low budget live action sci-fi movie which incorporates footage from the anime.

Last updated 30 Aug 03 with a more translated scripts and some very useful info about watching the Japanese DVD with subtitles, and minor updates of the links page.
14/2/05 - correct versions of pages restored after site moving turmoil! Proper updates soon.

- discovery -

Jan 4th, 1998. Raddison Edwardian Hotel, Heathrow.
I am at the 'Shinnenkai' anime convention, and have spent an alarmingly large proportion of the last 72 hours awake, hungry, spending money and watching Japanese animation.

My friends and I go to the final screening of the convention. It is an anime entitled 'Angel's Egg', which I have not heard of before. Watching it, I am enthralled. Beautiful surreal deChirico-esqe imagery, little dialogue, not much plot to speak of. Somehow the whole dreamlike experience is added to by the fact that I am drifting in and out of conciousness. I was later unsure if I dreamt some parts of the film.


Saturday the somethingth, 1998. Newport indoor market.
I purchase a copy of a movie called 'In the Aftermath' for the sum of three pounds. Thanks to the extensive anime and 80's movie knowledge of my friend Keith, I know this to be cheap post-nuclear sci-fi intercut with none other than footage from Angel's Egg!

- content -

  • About Angel's Egg
  • About In the Aftermath
  • Images from both films, with facetious comments!
  • Angel's Egg Discussion Forum offline... back soon...
  • Bad News - The long-awaited US DVD release now seems unlikely any time soon.
  • here is an exerpt of an Animerica article on 'experimental anime' concerning AE.
  • Scripts - translated Angel's Egg scripts to aid in viewing unsubtitled versions. English, Spanish and Japanese versions avalible, and info on how to view the DVD with subtitles on your PC.
  • Angel's Egg links - as extensive a list as possible.

- etc -

Please email me or post in the new forum if you have any other info/links on Angel's Egg or any other of Oshii's lesser known works. I'm currently looking for copies of any of his live-action films such as Talking Head and Red Spectacles (I already have Avalon). If you can get me any of them in any form (including online via streamload or other means) then please do get in touch and let me know what you'd like in return! Thanks, I'd really love to see these.

I have finally managed to aquire a 'fansub'* copy of the film, and more recently bought the unsubtitled Japanese DVD (Thanks to all who emailed to assist me in my quest!) so there should be some new images and observations here soon. I've also aquired an untranslated copy of the Oshii-directed second (and final) episode of the abortive anime OAV series 'Twilight Q'. It looks great, but I've no idea what's happening! If anyone out there has a script they could email me, or would even just give me the gist, that would be great. Anyway, some pictures of that might be on here soon, maybe I'll even start a whole 'obscure Oshii' site some day...

Well. There you go. Make of all this what you will, pick up a copy of 'In the Aftermath' if it's cheap, but preferably try to see the original and be amazed.


*For those of you not in the know, a fansub is a version of an anime not commercially avaliable in your country/language, subtitled copied and distributed by fans, for fans, on a strictly non-profit basis. Fansubbing keeps western anime fandom alive, but unfortunately certain commercial anime distributors have recently cracked down on it, so all the UK fansubbers seem to be lying low :-( But there are many fansubbing operations worldwide, and many will send stuff overseas. In this day and age you can even download fansubs if you have broadband and/or lots of patience!!
THE place to go to find fansubs and fansubbers is, very handy!

This is an entirely unofficial Angel's Egg fan page. All imagery from the film is copyright of Mamoru Oshii and other copyright holders. Text is copyright 1999-2003 Tim Drage or other contributors. All information herin is based on hearsay and my idle and subjective pondering, and may be utterly wrong for all I know. Please don't take offence/legal action at anything you see or read here. Please ask my permission if you wish to use anything from this site elsewhere. Thanks! And please link, much appreciated!

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Fascinating Fact: The Japanese word Tamago' (egg) can be translated as 'ball from chicken'!