Some Quake II skins I have constructed

Doh! It has been brought to my attention that my skins are in fact damaged in some way, and won't work!

I'll fix them as soon as possible, but in the meantime, I've broken the links, so you can't waste time downloading tham...Sorry about all this! Good job it's nothing important!

More skins will no doubt emerge whenever someone sees fit to finally bring out Quake II for the Mac!! Oh, and possibly some Quake I skins will appear soon, as I should be in a position to play network games of that old standard (Utilising Howard Ray's fabulously amazing 'Killer Quake Pack' - go download it now folks!!! Find it yourself!)! Until then, please send me your weirdest Quake skins!!!!!!

One of the most entertaining diversions to be had last term was the playing of Quake II deathmatches on the marvellous D.I.Y. computer network which had been established by students in Camalot*, my neighboring Halls of Residence Block. Thanks to my friend Martin, who moved there for the express purpose of joining said network, we spent many a late/early hour happily blowing up our friends and neighbors! Virtually, of course; any other way would be most anitsocial!

Anyway, as you will know if you are an established Quake/Quake II player, to make Quake network games all the more entertaining, various 'skins' (different textures for the players) can be constructed. Here are some which have been produced by the strange minds here at U.W.C.N. Now you can run around in the form of your hero/heroine (well, ours anyway)! The downside is that the poor folks will of course be blown away in a variety of horrible ways.....but then it's only a game!!

These skins are not entirely tried and tested, so if you spot any errors or have any tips for skin design, please let me know!!! Pictures of the skins in action will appear soon, even sooner if you'd be kind enough to do some such screengrabs for me! Email them to the usual address

Those skins in full:

Here are the skins, in zip compressed files!



Coming soon! maybe

Please let me know what you think!! Also, let me know if you have any really bizzare/unlikely/wrong/surrealist Quake (1 or 2) skins, and I will happily put the here, or link to your page!! For a great source of quake stuff generally, go to Quakeworld, or find stuff for yourself, I can't be bothered. Also, if you are in any position of authority on the matter, please release MacQuake II/Mac Quake editors of all kinds/a Mac skin viewer/all manner of other Quake stuff for the mac!!!! Thankyou!
Please distribute these skins, but don't try to pass them off as your own. If you would like to improve them or elaborate on them, please do, but send the improved version to me before distributing, and don't just make a minor adjustment and them pretend you made them!

* It's just a model!
Let's not go there; it is a silly place!

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